• Each item is classified based on groups of assets (computer hardware, printers, licences). Identification of location makes it possible to determine exactly how many items there are in the warehouse and how many are in use.
  • Each item has its own history and list of events, including incidents, placement in service, return or liquidation.
  • Baseline enables searching for individual items by name, category, serial number or manufacturer.
  • Baseline helps generate electronic delivery certificates, return certificates and certificates of liquidation of an item of property, plant and equipment. Signed reports are scanned and uploaded into the system.
  • Baseline tracks enables handing over of equipment to persons from outside the organisation.
  • Any item of equipment can be QR coded. Each code is unique, identifies assets and assists stocktaking. Stocktaking can be performed using the Baseline mobile application with a QR code reader.
  • Stocktaking facilitates managing equipment used or kept outside the company’s office.